I currently considering to use #Gnome #builder for my project. Main problem: I can't figure out the build configuration .-.

Is there an easy way to specify a custom build command (i.e. running a shell script)? Or does it has to be a make file? I basically just want to run docker/podman with some parameters.

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@r3pek @sheogorath @gnome ... when you create a new project, but it can use Makefiles where there is one.

Why not make an empty Makefile?


@vk if you're trying something simple that can be built with a shell script, you don't even need gnome-project. If it's not that simple, why no use a proper build system for whatever you're coding? @sheogorath @gnome

@r3pek @vk @gnome My use case it actually rather trivial. Just want to run `docker build .`. Would have been great when Gnome build would support that. But I looked into writing build plugins and it seems like something I could contribute :)

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