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Here is my writeup for a XSS challenge that requires the player to chain multiple vulns, Including:
1. Prototype pollution
2. CSS injection on <meta>
3. Angular CSP bypass new gadget
4. DOM clobbering

Some tricks are classic and some are new

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A blog about my first eBPF CTF challenge. Learned too much that I wanted to document it. Writeups and exploits by @_manfp, @n0psledbyte and @chompie1337 helped a lot in understanding things

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🚨 Today we're excited to release Ghidrathon, a Ghidra extension that adds modern Python 3 scripting (including Python 3.10) to Ghidra!

Blog 👉
GitHub 👉

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Can you popup an alert?😉

📣DM us a screenshot once complete
📣100 likes & we'll release a hint

15 winners⤵️
🥇5 winners: hoodies
🥈5 winners: t-shirts
🥉5 winners: stickers + glasses

GO 👉
Challenge by @MRCodedBrain

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CoRJail: From Null Byte Overflow To Docker Escape Exploiting poll_list Objects In The Linux Kernel

D3v17 published an article describing the solution of their @cor_ctf challenge CoRJail.

Óbvio! Tinha que haver "inteligentes" que só recebem emails do e do 🤦‍♂️

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I just released the source code of Paracosme: a zero-click remote memory corruption exploit I demonstrated at Pwn2Own 2022 Miami 🐛🐜🪲

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Here is my writeup for a challenge called modernweb, it's a very cool challenge about a new way to leverage DOM clobbering

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