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Quick! Download everything yuo need now since half the internet isn't being used right now

Sou só eu que penso que o programa devia disponibilizar uma lista de comerciantes aderentes?! É que actualmente encontrar algum é tipo agulha num palheiro....

WoodpeckerCI is now on Mastodon 🎉

We are an ommunity fork of the Drone.

Isto não é ser revolucionário.
É simplesmente estúpido.

Someone in the YouTube comments called the new HTTP203 video the “the least wrong video on color spaces” they have ever seen.

So, uh, you should watch it.

⚠️ Synapse 1.41.1 is out, which fixes two moderate severity security issues. Homeserver admins: please upgrade.

Read more about this release on the Matrix blog

Here, a screenshot you've been all asking for! (please retoot or I will get fired)

@be Also maybe just maybe these folks should use ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:$HOME/.config}/git/ignore instead of ending up with adding more and more lines into the /.gitignore various repositories.

Assembly language is like a submarine 

It's below C level

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