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The only solution: don't use Google Play store to download apps. Use F-droid @fdroidorg

Mobile app data sharing 'out of control' - BBC News -

Enjoying the DNS session at #ripe77:
They keep coming up with new ways to break the Internet ;D
There's a DNS Flag Day in February 2019:

"Detecting the use of "curl | bash" server side" (as opposed to curl & save to a file).
Now this is some very clever, and scary, stuff. It's possible to detect if a #HTTPS request is being piped directly into #bash or just saved to a file. You can use this to send a different file (& commands!) only when it's going straight into bash.

Linux gaming fans! Do be sure to let your friends know we're on here so they can follow us ✌🐧

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

@rysiek will you guys reply with either a yes or no to the job applications or just with a yes?

LinuxBoot: replacing the proprietary UEFI firmware.

A year-old project to take out UEFI implementations with the Linux kernel. Being used by several corporations.

Besides being open-source, allows forcing firmware applications to run in the CPU's Ring 3, supports for programming in Golang.

Want to know about the state of LinuxBoot? Check OSFC 2018 presentation.

#Linux #LinuxBoot #deleteUEFI #Golang #Ring3 #initramfs #firmware #OpenSource #OpenSystemFirmware

Android without Google.
This sounds like a dream, but it's reality.

@gael_duval started the /e/ foundation in 2017 and currently there is a beta Android OS available.

This looks very promising!

50% of my dns queries are for ads and tracking at home. Adblocking is a requirement in 2018.

New Iot Botnet Torii Uses Six Methods for Persistence, Has No Clear Purpose #infosec

I installed Manjaro on my gaming desktop (it hasn't had a working Linux install for a while) and man this went by really quickly! It was such a breeze to install and I've had no issues with the NVIDIA graphics driver or anything.

I'm really impressed with Manjaro. I have no complaints thus far

Update on our Developer Tooling migration and upcoming ISOs. Linking to Google+ since 500 characters isn't remotely enough:

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