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Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which.

Unordered list of fun things I learned:

- google has a secret deal with facebook called "Jedi Blue" that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they'll cover for each other if anyone finds out
- google appears to have a team called gTrade that is wholly dedicated to ad market manipulation
- Google had a plan called "Project NERA" to turn the web into a walled garden they called "Not Owned But Operated". A core component of this was the forced logins to the chrome browser you've probably experienced (surprise!)
- Google is willing to do almost everything to prevent people from circumventing their ad exchanges
- This is what AMP is about
- Google habitually insider trades on their ad exchanges in every way you can think of and every way you can't. Too many ways to list here.
- The exchanges are also rigged so that google wins on bids where they aren't the highest bidder.
- A large amount of people inside google are aware of all of this
- If Google ever tells you some change will increase your ad yield, run. In fact anything they tell you is a lie
- Google has worked with Facebook and Microsoft to discourage them from increasing user privacy, lamenting occasions where they prioritized their reputation over their collective business interest

You can read the full unredacted document for yourself here:

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@darrenpmeyer to the vendor i mean (i guess i typed faster than i wrote)

@sean @preya damn.... I used it for years and haven't found a thing....

@pls at least all the internet routers and switches have spare bandwidth 😇

Quick! Download everything yuo need now since half the internet isn't being used right now

@xpil my wifi and kids already use it for they're day-to-day usage. All of them play games, and make school work (and can't understand you-know-who)

@garritfra i do have more stuff connected to the same "meter" so, that value might be lower.

@garritfra have an old laptop and it's drawing 1.2kWh per day...

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