~=8 Character Passwords Are Dead=~

New benchmark from the Hashcat Team shows a 2080Ti GPU passing 100 Billion password guesses per second (NTLM hash).

This means that the entire keyspace, or every possible combination of:
- Upper
- Lower
- Number
- Symbol

...of an 8 character password can be guessed in:

~2.5 hours

(8x 2080Ti GPUs against NTLM Windows hash)

#Hacking #Infosec

@gentoorebel just a few suggestions:
- polr (in docker too for link shortening)
- gitea (instead of cgit, hell make it in docker too)

My challenge answer was accepted for 'Hack The Admin Panel Challenge'! :) Try it here: bugbountynotes.com/challenge?i

This website is absolutely awesome when it comes to DNS analysis, really cool graphs too dnsdumpster.com/ #DNS #OSINT t.co/nlg4nzmiAo

One of the questions I am asked at the #Eunomia meeting, are there any politicians/journalists using Mastodon? Help me out


does anyone have a script to reset permissions to default on everything in the mastodon directory?

@nextcloud really just waiting for the docker images to be upgraded ;)

I've seen some pretty new accounts lately. For those of you who are actually new, welcome to the Fediverse!

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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