@lattera @yuki_is_bored you can go LDAP + OAuth2 that's how I have my gitea instance. No local accounts are ever created and "public" use is available via github/twitter/gitlab login

@be "plain" PA was not? or is that only because of the JACK/PA integration?

Please be aware that the current stable version of HedgeDoc contains a CVE: github.com/hedgedoc/hedgedoc/s

It's already fixed in HedgeDoc 1.8.0-rc1, which should become a stable version very soon.

#HedgeDoc #infosec #security

Can we STOP naming timezones plz? I mean, there's only *one* reference timezone, it's GMT. All the others are GMT+/-12. CET/EDT/XTT/FTZ are just stupid names for ppl *not* in that timezone. I don't don't what CET refers to, but i *do* know i'm GMT. Can't ppl just say "i'm not GMT-2" or "it's scheduled for 14:00 GMT+10"

@be well, as far as i'm concerned, even a "simple" email is better than slack

@be well, yeah. maybe it's because of that. The UI is way too confusing and I can't really decide to use it as IRC or as a damn mailing list thread. (i never used Zulip, and didn't even knew about its existance until you mentioned it)

@be too much "like" slack. I really can't stand Slack itself. Maybe i'm just too much rooted to IRC.

@marcozehe WisperFish is gonna be adapted to not depend on SailfishOS, so QT 😉 @be @fla @PINE64 @chiraag @kde

@be i wouldn't mind... tired of this electron apps thingy (and wanna excuse to start doing Rust) @PINE64

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