@schestowitz plz don't make the confusion between linux and ubuntu. They are 2 different things and Linux itself isn't dropping 32bits support.

Wow haven’t been on mastodon in a while. Hi friends! I’m baaaaaack

@infosechandbook I store everything on @nextcloud for quite some time now. Lock it with a U2F device, and you're good to go ;)

So... Um,,, maybe DEFCON 2022? Since you're all actually getting on board with this and on second thought 1 year isn't enough to port that hing over Europe that quickly. Especially if I'm alone in the task.

So, call for arms, here!

Dear fine hacker folxs,

it is time we decentralize DEFCON.

I'm hereby proposing 2020's DEFCON to be in Europe. More specifically in Portugal, Lisbon.

Then we could just go across Europe from there: Spain, France... each year a new country. Instead of London we could do Scotland and try to hack that damn lake and find Nessie...

It'd be like a really big and long long-term road trip with one year pauses. What say you?

Looks good to me except this on the container startup:
/usr/local/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh: 5: [: missing ]

@gael well..... i know it's not free to unlock it, but there are services online that do it ;)
For some models, there are even people on XDA that help you via Telegram (never tested it myself)

@gael any info on new devices being supported? specially Huawei devices because of this Trump/US drama...

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