In case it wasn't clear:

I am anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and believe black lives matter. If you have a problem with that, smash that unfollow button.


@dansup funny.... i believe all lifes matter 💪

@hypolite ok.... might enlight me a bit? 'cause i'm really not following what the problem is. just said everyone matters. black, yellow, white, brown, whatever you wanna call it.

@r3pek No, just go say this elsewhere, and especially not in reply to "Black lives matter". You're either trolling, willfully ignorant or irredeemably dense and I don't want to deal with any of it.

@hypolite ok.... maybe i don't know something that you know, that's fair. I'm not implying nothing nor saying anything against "black lifes matter"... they *do* matter, just as much as everyone else's. Am I still wrong here?

@r3pek Then why do you think people say "Black lives matter" in the United Stated?

@hypolite because of the guy that got killed by the cop. that much i know.

@r3pek If only it was just one guy. It's because of a series of black people unfairly killed at the hands of various American police officers:
- Trayvon Martin
- Michael Brown
- Tamir Rice
- Eric Garner
- Freddie Gray
- Sandra Bland
- Philandro Casteel
- Breonna Taylor
and unfortunately many more.

This is why the slogan say "Black lives matter" and not "All lives matter" because it's fucking stupid and doesn't say anything. However, this inane slogan has been systematically opposed to "Black lives matter" by conservatives and reactionaries alike denying the systemic racism police across the country, shown through these unjust murders that often go unpunished.

@hypolite @r3pek that’s because ‘systematic racism’ is an anti-white blood libel. everyone knows, everyone understands, everyone uses it in exactly that fashion. those blacks were not ‘unfairly’ killed, get the fuck outta here with that lie!

@hypolite oh.... my bad then.... didn't actually mean that kind of thing. was just saying it for the "plain english" side of thing. not anything political or others. most respect for the actual movement itself (the case it stands for). but i would still defend any other kind of "race", not just black (that's what i ment)

@r3pek Sorry I went up in arms, the specific counter-slogan "All lives matter" or the even more inane "Blue lives matter" get me on my nerves every time, but now I I understand you used it earnestly.

@hypolite no problem mate... was a little confused at first by the reaction but glad we understood each other (btw, never heard of that "blue lifes matter"... heading on to google)

@hypolite @r3pek lmao you apparently don't even know how Trayvon died but you're invoking his name here. Bizarre.

@hypolite @r3pek Michael Brown, Trayvon, and Garner were all killed in self defense.

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