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AWSGoat a deliberately vulnerable AWS infrastructure tool developed by INE/Pentester Academy team. github.com/ine-labs/AWSGoat

I need help! In my new informatic class are two nearly blind kids.

Do any of you know something like a digital notepad/whiteboard combination that works kind of like etherpad where I can share a URL and that is fully #accessible ?

Maybe you know other tools that might be helpful?

#FediLZ #informatik #education

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The average jump height of a person on earth and its equivalent in other worlds of the solar system🌍🪐

#Gitlab took in almost $88 million in revenue during the last quarter and posted net losses of more than $25 million.

That's a bit hard to fathom, hosting a #cloud based #software
product that loses that much money in the face of so much income, not to mention that part of that revenue comes from customers who self-host.

But now this...


Gitlab always smelled bad to me, and for those who fled #GitHub to go there instead of hosting their own #Gitea instances, well?

Fdx! Puts que pariu o Twitter mais o actualizar a timeline no momento em que estamos a ler um post na feed 😡😡😡

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Reminder that corCTF 2022 starts on August 6th 00:00 UTC! If you haven't registered already, please head over to ctf.cor.team/ and get ready for some fun 😎

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In case you’ve ever wondered how advanced MicroSD card data recovery works (likely dead controller) 🤯

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[ZDI-22-1021] VMware ESXi TCP/IP Memory Corruption Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVSS 8.1) zerodayinitiative.com/advisori

hey @maxmind! are you by any chance filtering password characters? I just created an account, set a password on in (50 chars, all types), and it gives me "wrong password" 😭

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Heap buffer overflow within the Netfilter subsystem of the Linux kernel (CVE-2022-34918).

ps: @metasploit module coming soon.


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Zoom Into the Southern Ring Nebula Captured by NASA James Webb Space Telescope.

It's mind blowing to consider how such a massive object can be such a miniscule fraction of the universe. 💙

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XXE is still the most asked question in beginners interview.

Print it, stick it and read before the interview :)

Download : securityzines.com/flyers/xxe.h

Expliquem-me lá uma coisa.... Isto não era suposto ter descido esta semana? 🤔

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