- Mom, can I eat this Apple?
- No, it's an onion
- It's an apple!
- It's an onion
- It's an apple!
- Ok. If you insist, eat it....

@Gargron any know issue with Custom Emoji copies on 3.3.0? My instance is "copying" 0 bytes files.... 😔

#NASA JPL live #Perseverance #Mars landing clean feed if you don't want commentary and just want calm soothing audio from Mission Control: youtu.be/kPrbJ63qUc4

We're closing in on 4.5K followers! Wow!

Mastodon sure has grown huh.

Love #Linux and #LinuxGaming

Poll time! For how long have you been using LibreOffice?

Não, o Chrome não vai deixar de funcionar. 🤦‍♂️
O Chrome vai deixar de ser suportado em sistemas x86 que não suportam SSE3! Ou seja: chips de 32bits apenas.

Hey! I'm trying to get a better app icon for Replay (the open source YouTube client for GNOME that I'm developing). I've made some progress on it, but I ended with 4 color variants... Can you please tell me which one should I use? And why?

(Boosts are welcome)

Testing continues... 😍 The speed at which development is progressing is incredible! A big shout out to GNOME Shell developers!!!

⚠️ Work in progress ⚠️
This screenshot shows a WIP development build of Shell, things can still change.


I've just discovered libretranslate.com/ - an open source translation API which can be self-hosted.

That's another one on the list of things to spin up when I get some time!

#libretranslate #Translation #FOSS #OpenNMT #selfhosted


#COVID19PT Relatório DGS 02FEV2021
Casos Confirmados: 731.861 (+5540 / +0.76%)
Número de Internados: 6.775 (-94 / -1.37%)
Número de Internados em UCI: 852 (-13 / -1.50%)
Óbitos: 13.017 (+260 / +2.04%)
Recuperados: 551.956 (+17572 / +3.29%)

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