Please be aware that the current stable version of HedgeDoc contains a CVE:

It's already fixed in HedgeDoc 1.8.0-rc1, which should become a stable version very soon.

#HedgeDoc #infosec #security

Can we STOP naming timezones plz? I mean, there's only *one* reference timezone, it's GMT. All the others are GMT+/-12. CET/EDT/XTT/FTZ are just stupid names for ppl *not* in that timezone. I don't don't what CET refers to, but i *do* know i'm GMT. Can't ppl just say "i'm not GMT-2" or "it's scheduled for 14:00 GMT+10"

Is anyone interested in starting a new adaptive GTK Rust client for Signal for Linux smartphones and desktops? I wrote a post on the @PINE64 forum about my reasoning for this technical approach:

Please boost.

*Do not respond to this with criticism of Signal*. If you're annoying about that, I'll block you.


ℹ️⚠️🌧 #AvisoLaranja devido a #Chuva até às 18:00h de hoje 10ABR21 para os distritos de #Coimbra, #Leiria, #Viseu e #VilaReal 🌧⚠️ℹ️

All Web challenges done on . That last one is an awesome ride! 🎉 🎉🎉🎉

"A New Approach to Helping Players Learn Dota"

They're improving the #Dota2 onboarding experience ahead of the #DragonsBlood launch on Netflix tomorrow

Alright, after a bunch of last-minute fixes the GNOME 40 mini-site is finally done. Happy release day everyone 🎉


Want something like Discord that can never be acquired by a FAANG company? Try Matrix! :D


Pergunta à comunidade #Portugal:
Qual o interesse de receberem aqui também os avisos meteorológicos nacionais (laranja e vermelho) e Europeus? (laranja e vermelho)

A partir de agora o "Diário da República Electrónico" também está disponível no #fediverse

👋 Hello Foostodon!

I've decided to Mastodon a good try this time.
👀 Who's this guy?

- I code charts for a living
- Love coding games, maps and 3D graphics.
- Worked for a remote company before it was cool.
- Like #privacy and owning my data.
- Trying to get into blogging
- Based in 🇬🇧

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