Done for this year.... Unfortunately didn't had the time I hoped for to finish the web category. None the less, was a good run! Nice again

Welcome the #HedgeDoc account :)

We were formerly known as #CodiMD, but due to some name conflicts, we decided to give ourselves a new name and a much cuter logo.

Who wants an old document when they can have a hedgehog?

You can read a bit more about it on our new history page:

Tuguistaneses, o #Tusky 18 já inclui a tradução para pt-PT. Vejam como está e enviem sugestões para a melhorar #xp

As for today's , I had a really nice surprise when one of my 6 cats caught a pigeon on kitchen. You can imagine the rest.

neat. so even Apple users finally get to connect their phone to a recent Linux desktop :D

(that works also with gsconnect and Gnome).

Acabei de descubrir que um AP da fez o Outono e o inverno todo na rua. Material do best! 💪

Boas notícias para Portugal!

We’re disbursing the first payment of €1.16 billion to Portugal under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

The #NextGenEU funds will help 🇵🇹 to improve social services and public administration and enhance its economy.!rKtfPY

RT @_JohnHammond
If you forget basic human necessities like eating food or showering, that's okay -- ... your mind needs room for more important things, like how to do 64-bit stack-based buffer overflows and the inner workings of the diffie-helman key exchange.

Hello, Mastodon! My name is Dave and I use social media to share my thoughts related to open source software and developer communities. I'm eager to connect with others and learn more about the #mastodon #opensource community #newbie #introductions

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